A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A game made for Ludum Dare 38 jam (themed "Small World").

Use your typing skills to gain score by typing on an incredibly nasty keyboard.

Type a verbatim copy of a given text to gain
score. Keep in mind that the keyboard we
provided is not in the best condition; if (for
whetever reason) a keycap becomes detached,
you can use your mouse to reattach it.
ESC key will abort the game and take you back
to the main menu.


Code, graphics - Vaclav Patejdl (@the_vaber)
Audio - Lukas Patejdl

Terminal font by int10h.org/oldschool-pc-fonts
Text snippets from bug-related Wikipedia
(en.wikipedia.org) articles, with minor
modifications to fit the game screen.

Install instructions

OSX and Linux build are untested.


StickyKeys_Win32.zip 16 MB
StickyKeys_OSX.app.zip 19 MB
StickyKeys_Linux.zip 23 MB


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How long did it take you to finish this game? Everything is polished.

Best typing game ever.

Nice to play even if I don't know how to type...